Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alot of monsters

In the world of Half Life 2 - there are alot of enemies.
This is a long list of them:

- Combine Soldiers: These hapless souls are simply humans who have
given up on life and work for the Combine themselves. They range from
easy to hard, depending on what weapon they are using. They use all
sorts of weapons: Pistols, Energy rods, fists, Shotguns, and Pulse Rifles as
well as Magnums and Grenades.
Difficulty: 1-5 to 4-5.

- Combine Elites: All of them use Pulse Rifles as well as the
secondary function on them. They also have reinforced white armor
and can take a beating.
Difficulty 5-5.

- Headcrabs: As annoying as usual. Hops up, Slice, dice, hide in
boxes, corners, come off the faces of Zombies. Their difficulty
is based on their element of surprise. Difficulty: 2-5.

- Black Headcrabs: These tough guysdrops your health to 1 in one
bite and take a little to kill. However, your suit gives you
a neurotoxin that brings your health back to whatever it was.
What makes these guys difficult is if they have standard headcrabs
with them and they drop you to one.
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Barnacles: They are pushovers who grab you with their tongues if
you run into them. What makes them a pain is that at points, they
are clumped together.
Difficulty: 1-5.

- Zombies: The zombies are pretty easy, slow moving, and susceptible
to head shots.
Difficulty: 1-5.

- Zombie Hulkers: They are humans who have been taken over by the
Black Headcrabs and they have up to 4 of them on their bodies. Also
they fling them at you too.
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Zombie Runners (Leapers): These skinny alien monsters are fast, climb poles,
and are relentless.
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Scanners: They are the flying orbs that follow you and relay your
position to Combine
guards. Difficulty: 1-5.

- Manhacks: These little orbs have rotating propellers and attack
you. You'll know one's near when you hear a loud whirring sound.
Difficulty: 2-5.

- Gunboats: Tough, tough, tough. RPG's are the only things that
can take them down. They are fast and can take you down quickly.
Difficulty: 5-5.

- Helicopter: These things drop mines and shoot pulse rifle charges at
Difficulty: 3-3

- Mortar Tanks: Tough tanks that can level you in a few shots.
Difficulty: 4-5.

- Antlions: Fast, brutal, and they attack in packs. If you have the
unfortunate luck of fighting them, cry when your weapons go empty.
Difficulty: 4-5.

- Antlion Guard: This bad boy is a toughie who can take hits and runs
at you as an attack. Sidestep him and he's cake. He gives you your
Antlion Lure.
Difficulty 3-5.

- Striders: These things are Tri-legged 50 foot tall monstrosities
that are just…a pain to take down. They take at least 8 rockets on
Normal mode to take down. They have a pulse rifle
and a reality distorting beam as well as they can impale you.
Difficulty: 5-5.

- Turrets: Annoying things that can be knocked over.
Difficulty: 2-5

- Dr. Breen: The Central Antagonist. He is responsible for the post-
apocalyptic nightmare that has become Earth.
Difficulty: 3-5


  1. Zombie runners are by far the most annoying opponents... I still can't get used to their screeching and kamikaze jumps >.> freaks me out everytime.

  2. Hehhe they are pretty creepy yea.
    Especially the Ravenholm level.

  3. Ugh, tell me about those friggin things

  4. havent played half-life in some time but I want a suit like that guy.

  5. Haha we all want a suit like that :)

  6. so many good memories from that game

  7. Nice! I never knew these things...